"Ass Rocket"

I have no idea why, but I could not wait to do this one.  I think I may have had the Jackass crew on my mind when I thought of it.  It was fun to do and I have gotten some great comments on it.  

The blueprints.

Still needs detailing, cleaning, color, and base.  Stay tuned.

Just waiting to add a brass tag that says "ASS ROCKET".

My kids just had to go into the engraving store to watch how I was going to order the brass plate engraved with "Ass Rocket".  Well it took me a minute or two to get to the point with the salesperson.  The kids enjoyed my tact.  Funny thing was, she did not even flinch.  She says, "well it is not the strangest request we have ever had."  Hahahahha !!!