Hershey Children's Heart Group


Unfortunately I have been inspired to create an anatomically correct heart with a coarctation of the aorta.

This sculpture will represent my gratitude to all of the medical professionals involved in the rescue efforts of my son.

This sculpture will be mounted on an oak base with miniature surgeons correcting God's imperfections.

My best effort at anatomically correct.  The heart is very different of what you imagine. 

This is 6 hours into the project and much more to do... 

A little detail with copper veins and mounting. 

 Still working on this one as it is important and complicated. Next will be alot of details, a bit of color, an oak base, and an engraved plate to Dr. Joseph B. Clark and the Hershey Children's Heart Group. It is going to be very nice... I am glad to announce my son's surgery was a success and he is recovering well...

 Well now we are getting somewhere. Color added, base done, and mounted.

Now I will have a face plate engraved at Rothrocks for the front to the Surgeon and all the staff of Hershey Children's Heart Group.

 Thank you Dr. Clark for dedicating your life to  acquiring the education and skills needed to do the miracle work that you do.  Our family is forever grateful.  We wish you the best and will keep you in thoughts and prayers.

On August 26th, 2014, we were provided the opportunity to give thanks to Dr. Clark and the staff of Hershey Childrens Hospital. 

It was a great experience for us.  This Hershey trip kind of provided us with some closure to this life journey.