Fancy Frog


Mr. Fancy Pants is thinking Spring.   This time of year brings out his best including top hat, bow tie, and cane.  "Top of the Morning to you".

This frog sits on an approximately 12" x 12" oak base.


Pictures above and below show the first day of progress.  5 hours in.   Still need to make top hat, cane, and feet.

The next pictures show after day two.  Total of 9 hours in so far.  Lots of detail yet to do.  Still need the bow tie and alot of cleaning to do.  Not to mention he lily pad and water lily base.


 So as I am working on the Fancy Frog, my daughter asks if he will have moustache.  I reply, Of course not !!!  As I thought about it, I realized she was right.  A moustache is exactly what he needs.  Thanks Erin. 

Fancy Frog.

SOLD.  Purchased by a very young art lover.  Thanks Buddy.  Enjoy.