Knight on Horseback


I will kill for the King,

As it is blessed by God.

I will dispense my wrath,

By dagger, sword and rod.


Commitment keeps me shielded,

My soul and body iron bound,

Faith swings my sharpened sword,

For the King, by God, I will strike you down.


Blood floods the field of battle,

Quickly turning green grass red,

The living will return to cheers and honor,

Nothing will be felt by the dead.


Victories paid with gold and wine,

A worm on hook; warrior's bait.

Never be it a question of how or if,

Only of when will defeat await.


Until the day, I taint the grass,

with the spilling of my blood,

My heart will strongly pump,

With the pride of the Brotherhood.




Moving right along...  Looks like I am poised to finish it the next full day I have to work on it.  Still needs cleaning and detailing.  Paint and mount.  This will be mounted on a Stone and Oak base. 


Thank you Ed from Promised Land, PA.