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The Missing Link Circa 1974

 (AP)  New photographs have surfaced this week which confirm the Darwin Theory of Evolution.  The mystery of the jump from ape to man has finally been solved.  Top scientists and theologists are intrigued with the discovery and exclaim, "this will change the way the world views man and mankind".  The photographs depict eyewitness accounts from 1974 when an ape was sighted in a residential neighborhood in an undisclosed location.  Witnesses to the spectacular sight have just now come forward despite years of threats from the catholic church.  However, witnesses still wish to remain in the shadows of news broadcasts and have asked their voices be disguised.  One unidentified witness stated, "It has been years of secrecy that must be revealed.  With the weakening of the church in the past twenty years, the threatening phone calls and letters have stopped and we do not believe they are in a position to carry out the clandestine operations they were once capable of."
Witnesses all describe the same thing with rock solid accuracy.  "He was riding a yellow bicycle with a green banana seat and sissy bar" and  "He struggled to pedal the home made bike as it had square wheels."

The Missing Link Circa 1974.